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Conflict Management Support

Why is conflict management support important?

  • Bullying  has a ripple effect on employees’ commitment and morale and, therefore, reduces productivity.
  • Bad publicity damages an employer’s reputation and makes recruitment harder.
  • Research suggests that 25% of people who have been bullied and 20% of witnesses leave an organisation as a result. This creates a significant cost.

What is bullying?

  • Psychological abuse (implied, subtle and indirect threats).
  • Abuse of power or position by management staff.
  • Behaviours which, deliberately or otherwise, are hostile and/or offensive to the complainant.
  • Insignificant acts which cumulatively create an intimidating environment that undermines the integrity or dignity of the individual.
  • Alienation and rumour spreading.
  • Unnecessary control.
  • Cyber bullying.

At Os2i, we use psychological assessments to help:

  • Build bridges between parties.
  • Create behavioural contracts.
  • Improve self awareness of behaviour and reaction to stress.
  • Improve self awareness of the impact of management/leadership style.
By creating a culture of trust and respect in organisations, where intimidation is not tolerated, much can be done to minimise, if not eliminate, bullying and harassment.


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