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ADEPT® Individual Exercises

ADEPT® – Assessment and Development Event Portfolio for Talent

Why compromise with selection, development and promotion decisions?

We have designed a portfolio of individual business simulation exercises that facilitate observation, recording and classification of management and leadership behaviours. As with all ADEPT® materials, our exercises are:

  • Quality assured.
  • User driven.
  • Woven around current events.
  • Can be edited to fit purpose.
  • Cost effective (£52 per exercise for unlimited usage).

Our exercises create highly realistic experiential learning across the following activity realms:


  • Create team challenges that are controlled by participants.
  • Goals are outcome focused. Consequently, mindset is translated into concrete and observable actions.
  • Behavioural observation frameworks enable meaningful dialogue around team style.


  • Evaluate communication and influencing styles.
  • Assess an individual’s capacity to lead.
  • Evaluate ability to manage performance and relationship issues.


  • Create analytically competitive environments.
  • Accommodate a variety of learning and work styles.
  • Assess critical thinking, reasoning and comprehension.


  • Create communication, influencing and personal impact assessment platforms.
  • Assess an individuals key messaging and positioning capability.
  • Evaluate personal brand, charismatic authority and personal presence.


  • Evaluate decision making capacity and individual ability to prioritise.
  • Assess what motivational characteristics are underpinning business decisions.
  • Assess problem solving, judgement strategies, and potential personal biases (heuristics).


Creative Commons License

All Os2i business simulation assessment events (ADEPT®) and exercises are licensed under ADEPT® by Os2i under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.


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