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Psychometric Assessment & Bespoke Reporting

Psychometric Assessment & Bespoke Reporting

Increasing awareness of the need for accurate and fair psychometric assessment has combined with technological developments to produce dramatic advances in psychometric models, methods and procedures. Os2i recognises the key benefits that can be derived from these and implements all testing strategies with these benefits in mind. Our focus is simple and considers:

  • The purpose and context of the psychometric assessment.
  • Latest thinking and technology.
  • Equality issues.
  • Seniority/level of the individual.
  • Resources available.
  • Budget.
  • Time and cost required to use the technique, in proportion to the risk of non-usage.

What sets us apart?

For recruitment:

  • We do not enter into distribution agreements with test publishers. We are qualified to use all key UK based personality measures and apply best fit in accordance with requirements.
  • We undertake an evaluation of the role, relationships and organisational backdrop.
  • We validate the personality profile through interview, and write a full bespoke report with recommendations of either matched, not matched or matched with developmental caveats.
  • Our leading edge analytical approach takes no more than 4 hours – Board assessments excluded.
  • We also offer a ‘summary report’ option that can feed into the interview process.

For team development:

Our facilitative approach offers a no-nonsense strategy. We support the team collectively, and individually through one-to-one sessions. We focus on two things: team objectives and behavioural inhibitors.

For coaching and personal development:

Our one-to-one structured learning conferences can develop existing employees and reduce stress and pressure through the identification of key issues blocking performance. We focus on the source of the problem and impact with a view to improved personal coping and visible behavioural change.

We ALWAYS submit bespoke, not automated reports.

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