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Cognitive Assessment

We conduct cognitive assessments in order to assess ability to perform mental processes of thought such as visual processing, memory, problem solving or language. All assessments are now based on WAIS-IV.

Our assessment focuses on the following goals:

  • Can the individual perform a specific task or not?
  • Which cognitive tasks can they do?
  • What reasonable adjustments/accommodations would be suitable?
  • What are their cognitive abilities and limitations?
  • Recommendation of further rehabilitation/solutions/equipment requirements.
  • How can others help the individual in their task performance?

Cognitive assessments:

  • Help to match tasks/roles to cognitive abilities.
  • Help to identify any other barriers to performance, such as medical issues, physical, mental health, social, psychological and emotional issues that may arise and need to be addressed.
We provide cognitive assessment services across two core business realms:  Social & Legal Services and Public & Private Corporations.

Are you a Solicitor or Social Worker involved in Family Law Proceedings/Pre-proceedings?

Are you a Manager for a Public or Private Corporation requiring a cognitive assessment of an employee?


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