Inclusion Behaviour Assessment Tool



To achieve the desired goals of sustainable performance and competitive advantage in the present climate, organisations are often in the midst of significant change.

However, strategic direction and vision is often managed in a top/down fashion by a limited number of individuals that may often be unrepresentative of the wider organisation.

Too often, this results in these change initiatives ending in a successful change of procedures and structures, but less sustainable change in ways of working, culture and effectiveness.

The Inclusive Behaviour Assessment tool’s mission is to address this challenge by putting inclusion at the heart of change.

Organisational inclusion can enable an organisation to be ready for the future by taking steps which create an environment that allows ALL employees to understand, embody and deliver the organisation’s objectives.

Our Inclusion proposition goes beyond diversity to operationally define the wider agenda of inclusivity. This is achieved by evaluating inclusive competence across BOTH the “HARD” issues (strategy, policies, structures and systems), and the “SOFT” issues (behaviours, attitudes and style of leadership).

The key distinctive feature of our assessment tool is a holistic focus. We recognise the  organisational personality is a reflection of the hard and soft characteristics that define it.

The Inclusive Behaviour Assessment Tool is the first of its kind, and will:

Put what it means to be HUMAN into the organisational DNA.


When you utilise the Inclusive Behaviour Assessment tool you inject clear inclusive objectives into the organisational personality, and drive meaningful dialogue around inclusive operations and strategies.

You can focus on an evaluation of one individual through to a collective evaluation of a team, department or the whole organisation.

The key drivers behind our analysis are:

  • Sustainable performance in uncertain and unpredictable times.
  • ‘Inclusion.’  Why?  Talent is latent AND roles are inter-connected.
  • Purposeful and focused dialogue.  If relationships and communication fails, so does everything else.
  • Positive personal transition, that is observable.


  1. Outlines clear goals and objectives around inclusive work practices.
  2. Moves away from a static focus on diversity to a wider agenda of inclusive behaviour.
  3. Will build behaviours, systems, processes and cultural agendas that are flexible and adaptive.
  4. Will enable managers to have pragmatic dialogue around inclusion.

Frequently Asked Questions


How does It work?

It starts with a questionnaire (that can be built into an APP). You target the business area/s and the people you want to include. The responses they give determine the inclusive performance actions they have to act out/implement. This re-engineers the cultural DNA of the business over time.


Are the actions suitable for all employees?

Yes, there are three levels of inclusive performance actions. Participants identify their level, questions and actions can then be aligned to the level they select.


Is the survey on-line?

No not yet, at the moment we manage the framework and the 1000’s of inclusive performance actions. We work with you to identify the inclusion strategy and we package a bespoke survey with associated performance actions that you then mange in any way you choose.


How much does it cost?

This depends on the breadth of the inclusion strategy, i.e. you can focus on one person through to teams, departments and the whole organisation. We are more interested in getting this approach out there than generating large scale revenue. The cost will be fixed and agreed before we start.

Outlines clear goals and objectives around inclusive work practices.
Will build behaviours, systems, processes and cultural agendas that are flexible and adaptive.
Will enable managers to have pragmatic dialogue around creating inclusive work environments.