Cognitive Assessments

We provide cognitive assessments for social & legal teams and corporate organisations.

Cognitive Assessments for Social Services

We conduct cognitive assessments for social services in order to assess ability to perform mental processes of thought such as visual processing, memory, problem solving or language.

  • Can the person perform a specific task or not?
  • Which cognitive tasks can they do?
  • What reasonable adjustments/accommodations would be suitable?
  • What are their cognitive abilities and limitations?
  • Recommendation of further solutions/equipment requirements.
  • How can key professionals work with the person?

Cognitive Assessments for Business Organisations

At Os2i we conduct cognitive assessments for business organisations. In this context, cognitive testing can be a less invasive method to screen for impairments that could be affecting workplace performance and safety.

We also undertake cognitive assessments as part of an overall fitness for work evaluation for individuals in work and those on sickness absence.

We can map a person’s cognitive profile and advise on suitability for a particular work environment, i.e. complex operational environments.

We can also examine how to utilise neurological differences in a given context, i.e. advise on the key strengths and weaknesses of people with diagnosed learning disabilities.


We treat vulnerable clients with courtesy and respect at all times and make the cognitive assessment process engaging and not something to fear.
Our underlying driver is to build rapport with all participants, creating a comfortable assessment context where people can perform to the best of their ability.
We are a well-respected ‘go to’ business for multiple LA’s and law firms across London and the South East.