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Psychological Fitness For Work

Physical and mental wellbeing in the workplace is critical to maintaining engagement and effective performance  in the current business climate. A key component of this strategy is ensuring psychological fitness for work, both for employees currently in role, and for those employees on sickness absence.

We provide professional intervention at the individual level by focusing on:

Recovery – Helping employees stay in work while they are dealing with any diagnosed psycho/social problems.

Rehabilitation – Helping employees return to work following a period of illness.

Retention – Helping employees with a long-term or permanent disability to stay in work.

Occupational Psychology one to one solution options:

  • Cognitive assessment.
  • Behavioural assessment.
  • Motivational assessment.
  • An examination of emotional and relationship needs/parameters.
  • Any necessary environment adaptation.
  • An examination of organisational culture fit.
Our aim is simple, to help individuals move forward.

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