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Our Commitment to You

Assessment & Development Event Portfolio for Talent

Our ten point commitment to your business:

  1. Our assessment exercises enable participants to assess their personal strengths and weaknesses and gain insight into how their interactions affect relationships.
  2. As part of this process, participants are able to develop specific objectives for their own personal and professional growth.
  3. Our goals are successful implementation, based on autonomy, ownership and accountability; matching professional, dedicated support to your requirements as you use our materials.
  4. The challenges we design reflect the current business climate and so create a realistic approximation of your actual business environment in a neutral setting.
  5. Our events use a broad range of topical subject matter to drive the business simulations, from cross-cultural problems to environmental crime prevention and sustainable energy.
  6. Detailed background information is sent to participants before attending an event, so they can immerse themselves in the reality we’ve created.
  7. The tasks are goal orientated, allowing participants to experience their role in delivering results.  Consequently, mindset is translated into observable action.
  8. This approach impacts participants in a more engaging, dynamic and effective way, and facilitates more natural behaviour. Observers can then record, classify and evaluate in order to embed alignment, commitment, and competence around your strategic and operational agendas.
  9.  There are 13 event themes to choose from. You pay a single fee for a whole event. Each event can contain up to four exercises that you can use to assess unlimited participants. The event summaries can be viewed in the Assessment Event Theme Summaries page. You can also purchase themed exercises individually.
  10. Our assessment/development business simulations ensure that participants have an increased confidence and vision and, as a result, participants emerge as better leaders in day-to-day business.

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