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How to Purchase ADEPT® Material

ADEPT® – Assessment and Development Event Portfolio for Talent

It really is as simple as:

  1. Join us in the members area (membership is free) and then complete our 10-minute online questionnaire. This enables us to gauge your knowledge and experience and, consequently, the level of support you may require.
  2. Once complete and signed off, you can start to purchase our portfolio events or exercises. A complete assessment event can be purchased for the now reduced price of £140+VAT. All Os2i business simulation assessment events and exercises are licensed under ADEPT® by Os2i under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. You can use the materials as many times as you like as well as edit any component to fit your needs. Each  event contains:
    • Introduction and overview.
    • Full details in relation to managing the event.
    • Exercise overview and behavioural capabilities measured.
    • How to observe and measure your participants.
    • Advice on what can be edited.
    • Copies of all participant exercises and administration guidelines and scoring.
    • Observation, wash-up sheets and logistics advice.
  3. We believe this creates the lowest business simulation exercise unit cost in the market to date, and gives you the flexibility you need to align the materials to your business strategy, culture and values.

An event purchase also includes all future updates and addendum exercises designed for that event. These will be sent to you without incurring additional charge as and when they are produced. We refine and expand our portfolio of exercises annually. You may opt out of this when you choose.

You can also purchase individual exercises from the full portfolio of themed events at a cost of £22+VAT each.

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