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Why is ADEPT® Different?

Assessment and Development Event Portfolio for Talent

Why is ADEPT® different?

  1. Our portfolio of assessment and development business simulation events are based on behaviours not competencies. We believe in focusing on the ‘observable outputs’ of performance.
  2. Our behavioural strategy moves away from static definitions of performance to concentrate on performance that is tangible, observable and sustainable.
  3. Our driving force is to build on behaviours that are flexible and adaptive, ensuring that talent management is inclusive and responsive to rapid change and uncertainty.
  4. When using our portfolio of business simulation events you can directly observe, record, classify and evaluate behaviour. These performance metrics will enable your managers to have pragmatic dialogue around performance, improving both team fit and cultural alignment.
  5. By using our events portfolio you can create a common currency and language for talent. This fosters the integration of your people strategy, creating a developmental legacy you can own.

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