Occupational Services to Industry

Bespoke Assessment and Development Centres

Our approach to bespoke assessment and development centres offers a winning formula and conforms to British Psychological Society Best Practice Guidelines, encompassing the approaches of leading professionals in the field of Occupational Psychology. Our design strategy always strives to add real value by providing sustainable solutions. Before we start designing the business simulation we review and plan the process to ensure effective time, risk and cost management. Cost is kept to an absolute minimum through integrity and experience.

Our materials provide a number of advantages:

  • A level playing field for participants, creating equal opportunity for all.
  • Subject matter reflects current events and issues, to engage managers.
  • Simulation of real management challenges against a neutral backdrop.

We examine your business in relation to current strategic and operational agendas and link this analysis to your bespoke assessment portfolio. As a result the process is less distant and esoteric, and increases participants’ perception of control, consequently increasing confidence in themselves and the assessment process.


Critical components to our approach are openness and transparency. We work with key stakeholders at all stages of the design to ensure that the issues are those which will comply with the values, responsibilities and duties of your business.

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