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Behavioural 360

Why 360?

  • It is a very powerful driver for change both for individuals and organisations.
  • It improves communication within an organisation and encourages a more open culture.
  • People gain much better self-awareness by learning how their colleagues perceive them.
  • People take things less personally with 360.
  • It helps people understand how their behaviour influences others.

Our behavioural 360 is a simple but powerful integrative analysis.

  • Which individuals are performing well and which are not?
  • Who are the high-potential employees, what do they look like in performance terms and where are they going in the business?
  • Who has sustainable and change responsive capabilities, and how can we develop other individuals to mirror this adaptability?
  • How can we deliver the right people in terms of skills, behaviour, values and attitudes against the business plan/strategic agenda?
  • How can we better develop managers and leaders to reinforce culture, instill values and create a sustainable leadership pipeline?

Competency/behavioural frameworks can be loaded into a specific web-enabled solution or we help develop an entirely new framework.

We help with questionnaire design, bringing together a blend of our existing components or producing the content and layout to match your design specification.

We provide powerful reports that highlight key areas for personal development. We include comprehensive insight guides, development plans and interpretation notes with the final results.

We answer the questions that matter in today’s business climate.

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