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Behavioural Gap Analysis

Why behavioural gap analysis?

  • It provides an analysis of skill gaps in an organisation, department or role.
  • Analysis helps companies to prioritise their training resources.
  • Analysis helps with recruitment and training, and it gives management a basis for making business critical resourcing decisions based on evidence.

We ask:

  • What gaps exist and in which parts of the organisation?
  • Why do organisational performance gaps exist?

Our focus:

UNDERSTANDING BUSINESS DRIVERS AND REQUIRED OUTCOMES – Our solution ensure all learning and development activities contribute to the goals of the business.

FUTURE ORIENTATED – Our focus is on the long term goals of your business not just the ‘here and now.’

WIN HEARTS AND MINDS - Assessing employees’ capabilities can create fear and suspicion, and asking them to be open about their capabilities can be a challenge. We provide key messages around how to best position the skills gap, aligned specifically to your business goals and culture.

UTILISE THE RESULTS – Our approach is not just focused on training needs – analysis can be used to plan recruitment and up-skilling, support organisational restructures, build effective teams and manage business change.


Our aim is to optimise individual capabilities and unleash employees’ full potential, creating better alignment between people and business strategy.


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