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Leadership Capability – ILM72

Assessment of leadership capability using ILM72.

Five points that set us apart:

  1. The psychometric we use to assess leadership capability (ILM72, published by AQR) is unique, and covers all aspects of leadership. It maps across every major leadership model, which means that it works all of the time and in every situation.
  2. We map an individual’s preferred style and we map the organisation’s need in terms of style. That is, we create a benchmark against which individual profiles are assessed. This, in turn, enables us to identify where gaps might exist and, from that, what we need to do to close that gap for individual and organisational effectiveness.
  3. The model is dynamic. All organisations change and evolve over time. Culture evolves, priorities change, the market shifts and each impact on an organisation, affecting the role that leadership plays in moving the organisation forward.
  4. The model and the measure enables us to re-assess an organisation’s and an individual’s needs quickly and accurately in order to ensure that leaders develop effectively against rapidly changing business environments.
  5. It has the potential to be one of the most valuable development tools available to senior management.


Welcome to an intelligent, personalised, cost effective approach to evolving leadership capability.

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