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Organisational Development Strategy

Within organisational development strategy, we ascertain:

  • What does peak performance and under-performance look like?
  • What are the key capabilities of high performers, and how can we develop other individuals to mirror their achievements?
  • How can we ensure that we have the right people to deliver when resources are reduced?
  • How can we better develop managers and leaders to reinforce culture, instill values and motivate in times of change?
  • How do we maintain the leadership pipeline?
  • What skill gaps exist and in which parts of the organisation?
  • Why do skill gaps exist?

Providing answers to these questions can drive:

EFFECTIVE GOAL SETTING – Systematic goal setting programmes significantly increase productivity.

EFFECTIVE ALIGNMENT – Employees are more engaged in their work when they understand how their work contributes to the organisation’s mission.

EFFECTIVE SUPERVISION – By improving the quality of a supervisors’ interaction with employees, organisations can significantly increase employee productivity.

EFFECTIVE TALENT RETENTION - Contributing to employee retention are the utilisation of their strengths, job interest, alignment, people management, future career opportunities and meritocracy.

We tailor OD assessment strategy directly to the essence, nature and culture of your business.



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